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Do you have an LLC? Are you a sole proprietor? Do you know the difference?


Is it time for you to transition to an S-Corp? If so, do you know how to do so?


Get expert help in deciding how to create your business structure.

Business Consultation

Get Into Formation

It all starts with the appropriate set-up! Does a Sole Proprietor or an LLC make more sense? Are you legally protected? What type of boss moves do you want to make in the next 2-3 years financially? How should I categorize my business to get funding?


If you need a business formation and need a consult with a business formation, look no further! This will be the space where we not only answer your questions, your business will “get into formation!”

1 hour-15 Minute (2-Tier)
1st Session (45 minutes)
Service: 45-minute Consult, Incorporation Documents

$549 Investment

S-Corp Switch

This is an overview of your current tax return as an LLC and creating an appreciation for the first steps in executing the biggest boss move in your business. This will create the foundation to save you on your tax bill, put you in a position of business prosperity and strategically plan for your next year


1 hour-15 Minute (2-Tier)
1st Session (60 minutes)
2nd Session (15 minutes client deliverable and action items)

Service: 75-minute Consult, Documentation For S-Corp

$589 Investment

Business Meeting
Vertical File Cabinet

S-Corp (Full Conversion)

Are you full-on ready! Ready as in you have strong business income and have a strong desire not to have to pay Uncle Sam any more than you have to?


In this consult, you will be enhanced with the below knowledge:

Discover the legal “tax loopholes” available to you so that you can save and be more abundant in your cash flow

Eliminate the fear of the IRS boogeyman understand your tax rights so you can operate your business and live your life with peace of mind!

Get put onto the tax and financial game that will allow you to legally keep more of the money you make so you be "rich, rich!" #FamilyWealth

Save $1,800-$2,800 a year in tax even if you earn less than $70k a year and already work with another tax advisor

This package includes:
1 hour-15 Minute (2-Tier)  Full Conversion Consult
1st Session (60 minutes)
2nd Session (15 minutes client deliverable and action items)
Service: Consult, All Documentation For S-Corp, and Payroll-Set Up/Review
Bonus: E-Book Now What: I am an S-Corp

$889 Investment

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