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Are you ready to have your business elevated to reach new levels of abundance?




Schedule the consultation below that is right for you, at your current level of business.


Premier Consult

This consult is designed to dig deep and discover how aligned you are inside of your business. We discuss short-goal targets, business resources, and immediate goals, which gives you a jump-start to the next levels. Think solidifying your foundation plus elevation! 


This package includes:


90-Minute (2-Tier) Business Alignment Consult (a steal!)


1st Appointment (60 minutes)

2nd Appointment (30 minutes client deliverable and

action items)

Destination Consult

This consult is an exploratory dialogue where we uncover your top concerns in your business e.g., taxes (current/previous/letters), bookkeeping, revenue generation, scaling, etc. We will discover your needs and provide a plan of action! The perfect opportunity to get clarity with a practical step to your destination. 


This package includes:


60-Minute (2-Tier) Business Alignment Consult (a steal!)

1st Appointment  (45 minutes)

2nd Appointment (15 minutes client deliverable and

action items)


Accounting Alignment Consult

It is time! Your time! Your business is on the up and up! As a matter of fact, YOU ARE ON THE BRINK of greatness! However, you no longer want to do the things that make no cents! You want to work on developing your business and start outsourcing your book organization! We can understand and can help!


In this conversation, we will conduct an overview of your current bookkeeping and tax record keeping. We will create a safe space where we curate aligned accounting, and you can continue to be the CREATIVE in your business.

This package includes:

1 hour Accounting Alignment Consult
1st Session (60 minutes)
Service: Consult, Recommendation and Action Items

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